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Carbon fiber high pressure compressed air tank


DOT & TC Certified Lightweight Carbon Fiber Cylinders Made in the USA Uses Pure Energy Technology Regulators for consistent pressure and efficiency High and Low Pressure Rupture Discs installed for the highest level of safety All components meet or exceed all ASTM, DOT, TC standards or requirements or CGA


Five-year repeat testing cycle Empire Basic Air Systems offer an affordable option for the player looking to upgrade to a high pressure air system.



Proven regulator efficiency using Pure Energy technology 68 cubic inches at 4500 psi

Standard output pressure is 800 psi

The cylinder is DOT certified

Aluminum regulator

Five-year cycle of repeated testing


Must be filled before use.


* the number of direct shots depends on the ball's departure speed

Tank Empire Carbon 4500 psi

  • Features:

    - Internationally Certified

    - maximum working pressure of 4500 PSI

    - pressure gauge (output pressure 800 PSI after the primary reducing pressure gauge)*


    *For use with airsoft HPA, a second lowering pressure gauge 0-200 PSI is required

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