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The body armor cover is manufactured by PACA and is used by guards and US Navy Seals (and other units) as the main body armor when using RPS, Chestrig and other equipment without protective elements

The main protection used is Kevlar bags, but inside there is a pocket to install an additional layer of protection IIIA Soft Trauma Pad 8"x5" (there are examples of use by the US military with SAPI/ESAPI format plates)


A pair of new rubber camberbands are included.

Only the cover is on sale, without protective elements


Size Large Regular



- Grade A (no stains, patches, contamination, etc. from warehouse storage)

- Grade B (has signs of use and/or minor soiling, but no stains, patches, etc.)

- Grade C (has signs of use and/or damage, dirt, inscriptions, etc.)

Concealed body armor PACA Vest Tan

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