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a set of components that allows you to convert an AEG rifle into a gas rifle. This is a cheap and very effective way to upgrade your equipment.

Suitable for gearboxes of V3 versions (AK-series). The principle of operation is only mechanical (no electronics or batteries)

Maybe something that would allow you to have a fairly cheap DMR? This is PDiK!

The working pressure is in the range of 5-18 bar.


The Converse cat is inserted into a modified V2 / V3 AEG gearbox.

Gearbox manufacturer: Jing Gong (JG) / Specna Arms - standard gearbox walls. Gearboxes are black or silver (randomly).


- No electronics (weather resistance)

- No batteries

- FPS accuracy

- No full auto mode - don't worry about crazy people with full auto ;)

- Adjustable FPS

- Compatibility with standard AEG parts (trigger, selector plate)

- Power (lots of shots)

- Immediate trigger response


- There is no full automatic mode

- External power (mamba)

The kit does not include:

- trigger

- trigger lock

- plate selector

PDIK V3 - Pneumatic Drop in Kit standard

  • The set includes:

    - PDiK

    - pressure hose about 1.2 m (fi 6 mm)

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