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ECWCS GEN III is the latest (already the third) generation of the U.S. Army Extended Climate Warfighter Clothing System (U.S. Army Extended Climate Warfighter Clothing System).

In the modern world, fighters can find themselves in different climatic conditions. A modern soldier must be technically prepared and properly equipped according to the surrounding conditions, it can be heat of +50 and cold up to -40 degrees Celsius. Increasingly, soldiers find themselves in conditions where during the day there is unbearable heat, and at night the temperature can drop to minus values. Or a long hike involves crossing a hot desert and snow-covered mountains. Now a soldier must be prepared for any circumstances and a rapidly changing climate.

Assignment of GEN III layers

The introduction of the third generation of equax began in August 2007. The ECWCS Gen III system consists of 12 main components, divided into 7 layers, and a large number of hats, shoes, gloves and accessories

Layer 1 Light jacket and Light underpants - Body-hugging underwear. Moisture (sweat) wicking <Polyester or Polartec® Power Dry® microfleece, thin and light>

Layer 2 Semi-light jacket and Semi-light trousers - Loose underwear. Moisture removal, warming <Polartec® Power Dry® Grid, dense mesh fleece>

Layer 3 Fleece jacket without a hood - Warming base layer; in some cases, it is used as outerwear <Polartec® Thermal Pro®, dense pile fleece that imitates fur>

Layer 4 Windbreaker jacket without hood and Pants - Outerwear. Protection from wind and rain. The jacket can be worn over a bulletproof vest <Nylon, spandex>

Layer 5 Softshell Jacket and Softshell Pants - Warming, protection from wind and rain; outerwear or wear under a parka in extreme cold <Nylon, Lycra, Epic® encapsulation material>

Layer 6 Hooded Jacket and Pants - Outerwear for protection against strong cold wind and rain <Gore-Tex® Paclite® membrane material>

Layer 7 Parka - hooded jacket and Pants - Top layer of clothing for extremely cold conditions. Protects against precipitation, wind, cold, absorbs infrared radiation <Epic® encapsulation material, PrimaLoft® Sport filler>


- Grade A (new or from storage. no stains, patches, contamination, etc.)

- Grade B (has signs of use and/or minor soiling, but no stains, patches, etc.)

- Grade C (has signs of use and/or damage, dirt, inscriptions, etc.)

Jacket ECWCS GEN III Level 4 Wind Stopper MC

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