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JG SL8 Combo replica of Heckler & Koch composite construction, equipped with bipods, adjustable stock and adjustable cheek pad, two-way fire mode selector. The long metal Picatinny rail doubles as a carrying handle.

A mechanical kit from Mancraft PDiK V3 is installed inside.

Mag are made of ABS plastic Low-Cap for 20 balls.

Mechanism type: HPA (high pressure air)

Main material: metal \ plastic

Gearbox version: Mancraft V3 HPA

Total length: 980 mm

Length of the inner barrel: 510x6.08

Firing mode: semi-automatic

Departure speed (with a 0.2 gr. bullet): adjustable 120 ~ 155 m \ s

Mag type: mechanical

Magazine capacity: 20 bullets

Hop Up: adjustable

Weight: - gr.

Battery Type:-

In addition to the factory set, two mechanical magazines were added The cylinder and regulator are not included in the set and must be purchased separately.


520,00$ Regular Price
500,00$Sale Price
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