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BOLT M is an HPA conversion kit for bolt-action sniper rifles.


This helps you stay hidden, stay on target, and save air.

- Since it is inherently silent, you can become the ultimate stealth sniper.

- Since there is no spring, you can smoothly carry out the maneuver while staying on your target. With our Air Saver technology, you get the most out of your HPA cylinder or CO2 cartridge.

Without the need for an FCU or battery, the BOLT M offers purely mechanical and reliable performance.



- Simply perfect performance: Built on the original BOLT system, BOLT M delivers the highest level of performance.

- Fully mechanical: fully mechanical design provides more convenient and reliable battery-free operation.

- Stay on target: Smooth, springless action makes it easy to keep your sights on target, increasing the speed and accuracy of follow-up shots!

- Easy installation: quick change of spring to HPA thanks to the innovative air line attachment system



- Inlet Pressure: 60-180 PSI (use with STORM regulator for best performance)

- Output energy: 1.0-3.0 J, adjustable (depending on the design)



- BOLT M HPA kit

- BOLT 1/8″ Airline

- Air line adapter

- Cylinder head

- O-Ring kit

Wolverine BOLT M

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