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1) 18″ Wire Harness

This is a replacement 18" wiring harness for your Wolverine HPA GEN 2 engines.


2) V2 (14″) Wire Harness – Gen 2


3) V3 (12″) Wire Harness – Gen 2


4) M249 Wire Harness


5) Wire Harness for BOLT

Custom wiring harness for the Wolverine Airsoft BOLT system. This harness is included with every BOLT kit and is available here as an accessory.


6) Advanced Electronics Kit for MTW

This kit allows you to upgrade your MTW Billet series control board to advanced Forged series electronics.


7) Advanced Trigger Board for MTW with Optical Sensor

Replacement trigger board for the MTW Forged series. (T board only, no FCU or wiring harness) Updated in 2022 to include optical fire selector sensor. Compatible with all MTW models. If your current board has a retaining spring (2021 or older), you will need to retain it to hold the new board in place.


8) Electromechanical Wire Harness for the REAPER

Replaceable electromechanical wiring harness for Reaper. This wire harness allows the REAPER to be used without an FCU in semi-auto mode only.


9)/10) Gen 2 Premium FCU


-Intuitive LED menu with tool-free button programming

-Fine setting of duration, rate of fire and mode

-7 fire mode settings

-Improved trigger reading algorithms


11) Spartan Electronics Control Board Black Edition for MTW Billet Series

Replacement control board for the MTW Billet series. The new black version includes an optical fire select sensor that has no point of contact with the switch, meaning they can be removed/installed independently.


12) Spartan Electronics Kit for AEG

Compatible with V2 gearboxes, the Spartan Edition allows users to use the HPA without the headache of figuring out all the settings. With the combination of the trigger board and FCU, Spartan Electronics is our most reliable system. Tune your weapon in 30 seconds with our Live-Fire Tuning, then get out and play!


13) Wire Harness for MTW Advanced Electronics

Replacement 8.5" wiring harness to connect the MTW Forged Trigger Board to the Premium GEN 2 FCU.

Wolverine Fire Control Units And Wires

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